Temporary records in Pages/Forms

Recently i ran into problems for pages using Temporary records.

Because i found them to be rather important, i thought to share them with you 🙂

1.    When running a form like following: “Form.Runmodal(ID,record var)” if the record var is not a temporary record, the form will also NOT use a temporary record but a real record…
This means, delete, insert, update all happens in real data
2.    IF the form does use a temporary table, it still triggers the insert/modify/delete in the real table. It does not delete the data of the table in the real table, but it could delete/modify/… any related real data…
So, either disable insert/modify/delete on the form, or write “modify(false);exit(false)”/… on the triggers of the form. (this is also the same if you use a temporary record by coding – as we did in older versions)

I did not test on a page yet, but better safe than sorry and assume it is also like that…

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