Run as date

How about another tool while we’re at it?

Everyone knows the pain when you need to change the system date to test/work with an old license…
It fucks up your system, you get a shitload of outlook passed reminders, …

Well, definitely take a look at this then.
“Run as date” (link) is again a simple executable. It allows you to give an executable path and set a date and time.

Next to that, you can set extra startup parameters (like for NAV: ID=something)
Then, press Run to start the application you selected on the preset date/time and you’re off.

Another option you can use, is filling in a “Desktop Shortcut Name” and pressing the “Create Desktop Shortcut” button, which will create a shortcut to your application, with the date/time you set already remembered, but using the logo of the selected application.

Run as Date

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