Did anyone ever have that situation where you need to test a mailing function, but you just don’t have an SMTP server or just too many records in the test environment to check so you wouldn’t accidentally send to a real customer/vendor/contact?

Well, here’s a good solution!

After some searching i found a nice tool to assist in that setup: Smtp4Dev (link).
It is actually a really easy to use application.

You just run an executable (no install required, which makes it convenient to test on a customer environment).
The default setup listens on the default SMTP port, and allows anonymous users.

If you have outlook installed at the location it runs, you can double click the received message to view as you would see it in outlook.

Just set up your NAV Environment to the IP or hostname of the Smtp4Dev environment, and watch the emails come in. No matter to where they are addressed.

Oh, and it’s freeware. 🙂

smtp4dev screenshot

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