Mar 21

Convergence 2012: NAV “7” is now known as NAV 2013

Most of you probably know that Convergence 2012 was taking place this week. I learned that you can view the sessions afterwards for free. I took a quick look (2 sessions of about 2 hours total in about 30 minutes). … Continue reading

Mar 20

CurrFieldNo reset

This post is merely to inform people to watch out about using CurrFieldNo. Back to the beginning then. I was looking into some issues with the Job Journal Line not calculating if inventory was available when i found the problem … Continue reading

Mar 16

Customized NAV VPC troubleshooting

Today, I received a Virtual PC image that was customized by a partner for their add-on. (Everyone knows the Contoso images). Next to the fact it took quite some time to load, I was unable to run NAV in it.