May 24

NAV 2013 Beta – First Glance

As I still didn’t find a lot of time to start with the beta, here are my first bullet points of changes I noticed in NAV 2013 beta Development Environment. Definitely more to come!!!

May 23

RTC Reports Print preview

Just a quick post this time to save people some time next time they run into it. You probably know that in a report preview, you can also print this preview, or view the print layout. Today someone was asking … Continue reading

May 23

RTC Memo/note field… (sort of)

Today I was asked to make a field on a page that could hold a lot of data. Sort of like the notes. This is off course not possible, but there are a few work arounds.

May 21

NAV 2013 Beta release

Probably you may have already read on other blogs, such as Vjeko’s or Waldo’s blog. People in the partner network are now able to download the NAV 2013 beta and start playing around with it. The beta can be downloaded … Continue reading