NAV 2013 Beta – First Glance

As I still didn’t find a lot of time to start with the beta, here are my first bullet points of changes I noticed in NAV 2013 beta Development Environment.
Definitely more to come!!!


  • Outlined profiles installation (Client / Server / Developer / Custom)
  • OData port?
  • x86 and x64 installation folder (x64 service)


  • Database – Alter:  Tab designer: Start ID (Uidoffset) – integer value.  According to help:

Start ID (UidOffset): Specifies the start ID for elements on new objects. When you create a new table, page, report, codeunit, query, or XMLport, the elements have IDs that are offset by the Start ID (UidOffset) value that you specify. Object elements include containers, groups, fields, parts, DataItems, columns, filters, variables, functions, or text constants.
You must specify an Integer that is greater than or equal to 0.
The default value is 1.

  • Tools – Debugger: Not the start/stop options we know but an option “Debug session”. This opens the RTC in the session list view. Here you can debug a specific session. Did I mention on RTC? Yay!!!
  • Tools – Upgrade Reports: This seems to give the possibility to upgrade RTC reports to the new version.
  • Tools – Build Server Application Objects. No information on this yet.


  • Running tables create a temporary page on the table
  • “Width” property: Not clear yet

I tested a few things, but just run table gives me no difference.
Other than that I didn’t see new things in the Table Designer.


  • Shiny new icon
  • Groups/Containers can now be collapsed and expanded
  • New grouptype: “GridLayout”
  • Same “Width” property
  • View – Preview: Generates an image of how the page will look in the Dev Environment
  • Page Actions are also collapsible now
  • Some new action images according to help, but more importantly, there is a lookup to the images!
  • Action Property: “InFooterBar”: Sets whether an action should be viewed as an exit action in the lower  part of the page (info out of help file)

Probably a lot to tell about this here. But I’ll run through it very fast. And spend some time on it later.

  • No more sections and classic design!
  • Reports are created Page-Like to make them available in the Visual Studio editor. You add DataItems and columns in the main view
  • Option on a column to “Include Caption”
  • Label designer

Visual studio designer: Doesn’t look what we were used to…

  • Pictures / data directly usable in the header
  • Newer RDL Language version


  • Directly runnable through RTC
  • Events?


Probably one of the most discussed new items for developers…
Creation looks about the same as the new reports, adding DataItems/Columns and Filters.

I can create a new, but not save it nor can I edit an existing Query. So I’ll keep this object for a later review.
So far they look like an SQL Query to be reused, but better maintainable than a linked object.

Code / Codeunits:
I deliberately waited with this until the last part…

  • Functions / triggers are collapsible!
  • New datatypes: Execution Mode, Query obviously, TestPage, WideChar and TransactionType
  • New code functions:
    • ISNULL(dotnet)
    • Codecoverage functions
    • GetLastErrorCallStack
    • Debugger functions (because the debugger page is editable and changeable!)
    • Session functions (start/stop session, current execution mode – being standard or debug)
    • Security filter
    • Database – Change Password functions – ServiceInstanceID – Keygroup Enable/Disable
    • Report – SaveAsExcel/SaveAsWord
    • TestPage / TestRequestPage
    • Query SaveAsCSV / SaveAsXML

Please mind that these are really quick run-through changes I detected. Do not pin me on to them for sometimes missing obvious things 🙂

Sets whether an action should be viewed as an exit action in the lower part of the page

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  1. Very nice short review Magno !

    I very much like the report part together with some of the added CodeUnit functionalities !!

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