RTC Reports Print preview

Just a quick post this time to save people some time next time they run into it.

You probably know that in a report preview, you can also print this preview, or view the print layout.

Today someone was asking me why the hell he didn’t have this button on his report…

Here is a printscreen to show you what i am talking about:

The buttons being: Print / Print Layout / Page Setup / Save As…

Whilst other times you will get this banner on top:

If you never noticed that, or never use the print layout button, you will probably also not know what causes this. It will also take you a bit of time to trace it.

So stop searching, the solution is easy!

As soon as the report has “currReport.PREVIEW” somewhere in code, the behavior is triggered.
So for testing, without wanting to waste paper and just want to click the page layout button, put it in comments to test, but if the check is there, it is probably for a reason, so put it back!

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