Force a page break inside an RDLC Table – Update

It seems my earlier solution isn’t so magical as it seems to be.

I thought it would only be fair to share this.

In some cases the rectangle page break creates 2 page breaks instead of one. I have tried multiple settings / … but am unable to find a solution for this problem this moment.

As far as I can see, in some mysterious cases, it starts a new page without my table headers, but with the page header, prints the rectangle itself and then does the page break. All while it would actually still have room for the rectangle on the page before. It looks like it wants to “keep together” the rectangle and page break. The same thing happens if I set the page break to before the rectangle.

At the same time, another rectangle was printing just fine on the same document (Sales Quote) while less space was under the quote lines on that page.

As I said, I still do not have a solution, and will let you know IF I find out anything…

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