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I’m back with another tool.
This one allows you to input a NAV Text Export and quickly return all search results/objects to you.

If you take a full text export, this will be a very large file. Opening it in notepad is a pain in the ass. Let alone importing it into the DevKit and the searching through the code.

This tool will allow you to enter a search term and retrieve all objects and code pieces where it is found.

The download is attached below this blog post.

By using the Linux grep command (included in the post) by calling it from a vbs script, there are 2 files opened, showing the results.

First, start of by making a text export from NAV. Name your file “all.txt” (edit the vbs file to change the name), and simply run the vbs script.

The script first asks you what your search string is:

Script input request

The search string is case-insensitive. You may notice some cmd windows opening in your taskbar, but after a few seconds you are presented with 2 result files: Output.txt and OutputObjects.txt
The first one shows you the object and the line where your search result was found, the second shows a list of all objects in which your search string was found.

script output resultsScript output object listMaybe it is not the cleanest way to search your text export, but it sure is a quick way.

I hope that some of you may appreciate this tool.

By the way, I am not the creator of the functionality. I do not know who the original author is.
The download is below. Enjoy…

NAV Text Export Search
NAV Text Export Search
Version: 1
40.1 KiB

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