Flowfield DropDown vs Popup List

Today I was looking into a problem where a FlowField was showing a DropDown instead of “Popping Up” a list in RTC. After looking around, and comparing to other FlowFields, I just could not put my finger on it.

That is, until I found the problem and realized it was not the first time I had run into it.

The fact that this is happening is because of the table relation of the FlowField. A FlowField simply should not have a table relation. The fact that mine had one, was because I copied a few fields from the source table, so the caption/length/type/optionstrings would already be the same. Then changing them to not editable and setting the field type to FlowField, was just less work than creating them, adding captions, and still setting the properties above.

Now that you all read this, or maybe already knew. Let’s not forget when you happen to see similar behavior.

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