Feb 28

Bootcamp Notes: Reporting

Here I am again with the last post of my bootcamp notes. You will notice a lot of changes have taken place, going from design in the development client to new RDLC functionality.

Feb 27

Bootcamp Notes: SQL Optimization

I’m back again with one of my Bootcamp notes. This time a few points about optimizing for SQL Server. There have been a lot of changes on SQL Server. It is no longer using cursors through OLE DB to connect, … Continue reading

Feb 27

Add attachment stream on SMTP not always working

Last week I was developing a framework which needs the SMTP Mail in NAV2013. I noticed a new function on the variable (which is now a DotNet assembly) which allows you to add an attachment from a stream. Which is … Continue reading

Feb 22

Exporting in NAV2009: The object file cannot be used with this version of the program

Today, I tried to export a fob file from a 2009R2 but strangely I got the following error:

Feb 13

Bootcamp Notes: Debugging

Didn’t we all wait for an easy way to debug the RTC? In NAV 2013 this is finally possible. This post won’t be to big, as most of the things can be mentioned pretty quickly.

Feb 13

Bootcamp Notes: Testing

In NAV2009 we already had the option to create test CodeUnits, but NAV2013 made our options much more extensive. Basically, how do we avoid breaking stuff when developing? By testing, or even better, by automated testing. One of the biggest … Continue reading

Feb 07

Bootcamp Notes: DotNet, Streams & .NET

The title looks like talking about .NET twice, but actually, the first is using DotNet variables in code, the second is using .NET as an add-in. Personally, I found this subject the most interesting, just because of all the great … Continue reading

Feb 05

Bootcamp Notes: What’s New

This is the first post in a series of my NAV2013 boot camp notes, starting off course with the general “What’s New”. Some things I have already posted about will definitely come back here.