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Some time ago, I was creating some sort of Sales History. Every Order needed to be kept in History, if it was deleted, either manually or through invoicing rules.

To make some thing easier, we changed all FlowFields to actual fields.

It might seem pretty logic to most of you, but in fact, I did not know this, so there are probably still some people who also don’t know this.

As I said, I changed all FlowFields to actual fields in the new tables. Since the table is basically a copy of the Sales Table, I did a TRANSFERFIELDS which I believed would pretty much help me finish the job (after doing a CALCFIELDS)

When testing, I found out that a lot of my fields were never “transferred”. It appears that a TRANSFERFIELDS never transfers FlowFields, it just skips them.

Just a heads up for you all.

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  2. I have recently reported Issue to Microsoft regarding TRANSFERFIELDS and BLOB fields.Smptoms were occurring when working with Sales Header Archive table. Last notification that I got is that it’s going to be fixed in some of the next releases / service packs. Since I also used CALCFIELDS before TRANSFERFIELDS and eventually MODIFY it may be the problem with FlowFields will be also resolved. Stay tuned and hope for the best ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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