Import 2013 R2 report into 2013 R1: Invalid target namespace

Today, I had to copy a report of our product to a customers database.

Our product database is currently NAV2013 R2, while the customer databases is a NAV2013 environment.
I noticed that there are some difficulties into doing this.

First, when exporting the objects to a fob file, I simply could not import them… Apparently, the fob version is too new for R1 to understand, so I fell back to a text export.

Fortunately, this did work. 🙂

Now, the report itself. When trying to compile I got a nice message seen below:

Error while validating RDL content:
The report definition is not valid.  Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace ‘’ which cannot be upgraded.

When editing the RDLC layout, I was presented with a question:

Microsoft Report Designer

Do you want to convert this report to RDLC 2008 format?  Please click OK to proceed or Cancel to open it in the XML editor.

Well, off course I wish to use the report, so I selected Yes. After the conversion, the document could not be loaded and this is what I saw:


Does this mean I have to redo the entire report?
Luckily no!

After a bit of searching, I ran into this blogpost, which helped me a lot. So I decided to repost it, so if you ever have this problem, you know there is a solution.

The solution is actually really simple. First you click the link to edit the code, which takes you to the XML view of the RDLC:


Here, you remove the <Report….. tag (2nd line) and replace it with the line below:

<Report xmlns:rd=”” xmlns=””>

Next, you find the elements ReportSections and ReportSection and remove those and the closing tags. Remove only the tags, not the data inside of it.

Save the report, and load it into NAV.
Open the layout again and voilà… your report is back.

Kudos to the Beat head against wall blog for the solution off course.

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