Customize Ribbon – Beware

It often happens that customers change their ribbon. Mostly to remove the clutter of actions and only keep the actions they care about.

Today we got a customer change request saying, that if they have an error (the yellow bar on the document). They want to be able to refresh the page, and the error should be cleared, which was not the case with them. If they pressed escape, the error would disappear, but they would also leave the screen (logical after pressing escape).

I started simulating in our DEV environment, but was unable to reproduce the behavior. So the functional consultant shared her screen showing the customer QA database were the issue occurred as well.

Immediately I said to her that my ribbon was different, but that this probably shouldn’t matter, but actually it does…

They used the profile customization to remove all unnecessary actions for a Cash Register screen. Also removing the default actions, such as Previous / Next / Search / Clear Filter / Refresh.

Now it seems, that the shortcuts, as CTRL+Page UP, CTRL+Page Down, F5 are actually bound to these actions and not just to the screen. So if you remove these actions, you are unable to scroll through a card to the next document, or refresh the document!

If you ever run into a problem concerning default keyboard shortcuts not working, try to think about this.

P.S.: Tested this in 2013 R2 and 2015, both show the same behavior.

P.P.S: If you want to test this:
– Open a Sales Order
– Fill a not existing Item Number in the lines. You should get an error.
– Press F5 to refresh and notice the Item No. blanked out and the error gone
– Customize Ribbon, remove Refresh
– Fill the Item Number again with a non existing Item Number
– Press F5 again and see what happens… Nothing

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