Editing a non-editable field in a table

This is one I didn’t know before, but after searching the internet I already found a few blogs about it.
Since I did not know and a few of my colleagues neither I’m going to post this here as well.

When a field on a table is set to Editable = No, the field is not editable in the RTC.
So if you want the field editable, you would need to change the table and the field becomes editable. Right?

Actually, not right…

It seems there is a workaround for this. Other than making another variable of the same type and changing the actual field onValidate or using a CodeUnit to update there is an alternative method as well.

If you look at a page field, you will see that the field has an editable property defaulting to <False>.
When you change the property to True explicitly, you can actually edit the field on the page, even though the table has the editable property as No.

Here is one of the blog posts that describes this. It seems this already is possible a while.


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