2 shortcuts for developers I didn’t know about

Well, This is going to be a short post. I recently found 2 shortcuts that can help a developer who uses a lot of shortcuts.

Clearing the return variable of a function

If you have a function, which has a return value set (name, return type, length) you can delete these a bit faster.

Before, I would go to my locals in the function (ALT+V – A, View – Locals). Next I would press CTRL+PageDown to go to the next tab and loop through the fields clearing them.

Instead of looping through the fields, you can press F4. This will clear the Return Value tab. Beware, there are no confirmations here.

I found out by accident after pressing F4 (I was 1 row too high). At first I thought my function was completely removed, but it turned out only deleting that tab.

“Zoom In” or “Go deeper” in the C/AL Symbol Menu

Most of the time when you need to zoom in  on the symbol menu (F5) you would press the arrow right below the list. This is commonly used to get access to functions on the SubPages.

Most of the time, I would just click the button. An other way is to press CTRL+ARROW DOWN, then TAB or Arrow Right to the button and press SPACEBAR to “press” the button.

“My method” is again just a little bit faster, basically, you just press CTRL+ARROW RIGHT and the action takes you immediately to the “Zoom In” Symbol menu. (CTRL+ARROW LEFT would take you back to where you came from, thus leaving the “Zoom In”.

Well, it’s maybe nothing spectacular, or big. But I thought to share it anyway.

Have fun! 🙂

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