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I have just posted 2 suggestions on Microsoft Connect about the Job Queue.

Extra votes, if you agree, will certainly help getting the attention for it.

Issue 1: Job Queue Stability:

The new Job Queue start background sessions for each job queue in each company. That Job Queue updates his heart beat to the Job Queue table. However, sometimes, if the background session stops working, the Job Queue table doesn’t receive a heartbeat and is still marked as started.

The Job Queue main process should check these heartbeats and take action.

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Issue 2: Job Queue Entry User ID

However creates the Job Queue is set as the User ID for that entry. Which means that any error gets sent to his notifications (so far, no problem).

The Job Queue Entry is actually always executed as the service account, BUT before starting the entry, there is a check if a user has permissions to run the entry object.

We have some functionality, which creates job queue entries on the first run, meaning the first user to log in is the “User ID” for this entry.

Image this: as an IT Manager, I create an entry to import EDI entries.
A few years later I quit my job, of course, my account is blocked and removed from NAV. This means the job queue will no longer run, since the user does not have permissions…

Guess where the notifications are sent? Right, to my notification Factbox on my role center, which I don’t check, since I quit my job πŸ™‚

So, as long as no one reports that they aren’t sending out orders or receiving orders, EDI will no longer be ran.

Vote here for this issue.

7 thoughts on “Microsoft Connect: Job Queue

  1. Hi any update on the issue 1 job queue stability. I am also facing same issue. Also can you please elaborate in what cases background session stops?

    • I didn’t get any replies to this, however since NAV2017 job queue is completely changed, as far as I can see stability is also improved a lot since then.

      • Hello Magno, I’m trying to set email notifications.
        My job Queue is all time in error status. Error overflow in Document_Url is longer than 250..
        I think is the URL 1 field in Record Link.
        Any suggestion?

        thanks ind advance for your reply.


        • Hello Diego,

          I would try to run the codeunit manually with the debugger on to see where the exact error is located. If the error is in the job queue itself, it might prove more difficult to solve, and you might need to contact Microsoft to fix this inside NAV.


          • Hi Magno, Thanks for your reply.
            The problem was when NAV make the for the notification use a function HTMEncode. Then, in Spain, our demostration company name is: ‘Cronus EspaΓ±a S.L.’. Well the body has the company name and the letter ‘Γ‘’ or other symbols like ‘&’ have problems when formating with this function.

            Thanks a lot anyway.


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