NAV2018 Gotcha’s

In our company we have set up our first dev databases with NAV2018. In this post, I’ll post some gotcha’s where we ran into or problems you might take a note of.

Client Gotcha

It first starts with the client installation. First, take a quick glance at the System Requirements.

First thing to notice, is only Windows 8.1 and up, but no Windows 7.
And a bit further they speak of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.

Why is this .NET framework important? Well, actually, we only noticed this when installing on some PC’s it will not install at all. After looking around a bit, we found this:

They basically say that this version of .NET framework is only supported on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with anniversary update or later.

So even having Windows 10 is not sufficient. You will need to have some of the later updates…

Server Installation Gotcha

NAV2018 uses SQL Server 2014 as minimum version. We still used SQL Server 2012 internally for backward compatibility. But now we do need to update for at least the NAV2018 databases.

In Dutch we say: “A warned man is worth 2”,
but the correct English saying appears to be: “forewarned is forearmed”

Report Design Gotcha

One of the things we sooner or later get into, is designing RDLC reports. The Development Client, opens Visual Studio 2017 on our machines, but it only showed the XML representation of the rdlc file.

Off course, the first results stated we need to install SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio, but after checking, this was already installed. I changed my search query to a more generic “Visual Studio 2017 rdlc design”, and found out there is a VSIX file from Microsoft here:

After installing this, our RDLC layout showed properly.
For the people who are interested, we are using Terminal Server internally, and we were able to install the VSIX for everyone on an admin session. You need to execute VSIXInstaller.exe with an admin command and the path to the VSIX. This will install the file in the admin profile, and make it available for everyone.

VSIXInstaller can be found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\<version>\Common7\IDE\VSIXInstaller.exe

making the command as follows:

vsixinstaller.exe /admin <path to vsix>


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  1. Regarding Windows 7: while official requirements might say it’s not supported, it works. We are successfully developing NAV 2018 Extensions v2.0 on Windows 7.
    .NET Framework 4.7.1 IS supported on WIndows 7 SP1 and higher..

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