Mar 04

Letter Counter

Today I needed a function that counts in letters. Basically saying 1 equals A, 2 equals B, 26 equals Z, 27 equals AA, … Here it is in case anyone ever needs this 🙂

Feb 27

Add attachment stream on SMTP not always working

Last week I was developing a framework which needs the SMTP Mail in NAV2013. I noticed a new function on the variable (which is now a DotNet assembly) which allows you to add an attachment from a stream. Which is … Continue reading

Jan 10

Reading Notes through code

If you ever had to read the notes blob in the Record Link table, you might have noticed that it contains some strange characters. This makes it hard to use anywhere without some handling. This is because NAV uses .NET … Continue reading

Dec 06

Flowfield DropDown vs Popup List

Today I was looking into a problem where a FlowField was showing a DropDown instead of “Popping Up” a list in RTC. After looking around, and comparing to other FlowFields, I just could not put my finger on it.

Nov 05

Safely convert a text date to a date

Sometimes you just need to convert a text to a date, here is a function I have created that should do it without generating an error. If the input string is wrong, it will return a blank date.

Oct 31

Import Flat File using an XML Port

Most of you already know that DataPorts are being discontinued, and don’t work on RTC anymore… Just today I had to import a delimited file through RTC, but the actual import didn’t go so smooth. Here is a brief overview … Continue reading

Aug 13

Bypass view code in Classic Client

As this is a security bug in NAV, I would not suggest misusing this bypass… After having stated this, we all have seen situations where we cannot use access the code of an object. Mostly, this is because of your … Continue reading

Jun 20

Check if the internet connection is active

When using HTTP Request automations in NAV you have to call the send method. But if the internet is not active this can result in an error. A user on mibuso had this problem. So a little function to check … Continue reading

Jun 08

Trial Balance By Period Bug

This week I had to make a change to report 38 (Trial Balance By Period). I had to add a column with the balance on the end of the displayed periods. This made me realize that there is a flaw … Continue reading

May 23

RTC Reports Print preview

Just a quick post this time to save people some time next time they run into it. You probably know that in a report preview, you can also print this preview, or view the print layout. Today someone was asking … Continue reading