May 23

RTC Memo/note field… (sort of)

Today I was asked to make a field on a page that could hold a lot of data. Sort of like the notes. This is off course not possible, but there are a few work arounds.

Apr 04

Weekly exchange rate update

I was asked by a customer if there is an easier way to import exchange rates. This is a time-consuming task to have to do this manually for multiple currencies and multiple NAV companies. So I found an XML feed … Continue reading

Mar 20

CurrFieldNo reset

This post is merely to inform people to watch out about using CurrFieldNo. Back to the beginning then. I was looking into some issues with the Job Journal Line not calculating if inventory was available when i found the problem … Continue reading

Feb 08


Did anyone ever have that situation where you need to test a mailing function, but you just don’t have an SMTP server or just too many records in the test environment to check so you wouldn’t accidentally send to a … Continue reading

Jan 25

NAV 7 Preview

I just stumbled upon a post from a Microsoft Employee about NAV 7. As it seems, no more forms to design, so also no more executing of forms… He was even kind enough to share a print screen 🙂

Jan 13

Magno Functions

As most programmers do, i also have my own codeunit with a few nice functions. I thought i would share them with you.

Jan 12

Temporary records in Pages/Forms

Recently i ran into problems for pages using Temporary records. Because i found them to be rather important, i thought to share them with you 🙂