Mar 27

2 shortcuts for developers I didn’t know about

Well, This is going to be a short post. I recently found 2 shortcuts that can help a developer who uses a lot of shortcuts.

Feb 20

Editing a non-editable field in a table

This is one I didn’t know before, but after searching the internet I already found a few blogs about it. Since I did not know and a few of my colleagues neither I’m going to post this here as well. … Continue reading

Aug 13

Bypass view code in Classic Client

As this is a security bug in NAV, I would not suggest misusing this bypass… After having stated this, we all have seen situations where we cannot use access the code of an object. Mostly, this is because of your … Continue reading

Feb 08

Run as date

How about another tool while we’re at it? Everyone knows the pain when you need to change the system date to test/work with an old license… It fucks up your system, you get a shitload of outlook passed reminders, … … Continue reading