Mar 20

CurrFieldNo reset

This post is merely to inform people to watch out about using CurrFieldNo. Back to the beginning then. I was looking into some issues with the Job Journal Line not calculating if inventory was available when i found the problem … Continue reading

Mar 16

Customized NAV VPC troubleshooting

Today, I received a Virtual PC image that was customized by a partner for their add-on. (Everyone knows the Contoso images). Next to the fact it took quite some time to load, I was unable to run NAV in it.

Feb 08

Run as date

How about another tool while we’re at it? Everyone knows the pain when you need to change the system date to test/work with an old license… It fucks up your system, you get a shitload of outlook passed reminders, … … Continue reading

Feb 08


Did anyone ever have that situation where you need to test a mailing function, but you just don’t have an SMTP server or just too many records in the test environment to check so you wouldn’t accidentally send to a … Continue reading

Jan 25

NAV 7 Preview

I just stumbled upon a post from a Microsoft Employee about NAV 7. As it seems, no more forms to design, so also no more executing of forms… He was even kind enough to share a print screen 🙂

Jan 13

Magno Functions

As most programmers do, i also have my own codeunit with a few nice functions. I thought i would share them with you.

Jan 12

Temporary records in Pages/Forms

Recently i ran into problems for pages using Temporary records. Because i found them to be rather important, i thought to share them with you 🙂