Jun 25

Printing PDF Reports in Classic without external components

Ever had a customer who asked to email his invoice in PDF, when they do not have / use RTC and work in the Classic Client? The answer is probably yes! How did you solve this? Most probably you used … Continue reading

Dec 15

Customize Ribbon – Beware

It often happens that customers change their ribbon. Mostly to remove the clutter of actions and only keep the actions they care about. Today we got a customer change request saying, that if they have an error (the yellow bar … Continue reading

Feb 25

Reading Excel – Alternative

Most of us had already experienced the joy of getting an error while reading Excel through C/AL: To support the <Language> (<Country>) language, install the Language Package for your version of Microsoft Office. It seems that even by using automations, … Continue reading

Feb 22

Exporting in NAV2009: The object file cannot be used with this version of the program

Today, I tried to export a fob file from a 2009R2 but strangely I got the following error:

Jan 10

Reading Notes through code

If you ever had to read the notes blob in the Record Link table, you might have noticed that it contains some strange characters. This makes it hard to use anywhere without some handling. This is because NAV uses .NET … Continue reading

Nov 05

Safely convert a text date to a date

Sometimes you just need to convert a text to a date, here is a function I have created that should do it without generating an error. If the input string is wrong, it will return a blank date.

Oct 31

Import Flat File using an XML Port

Most of you already know that DataPorts are being discontinued, and don’t work on RTC anymore… Just today I had to import a delimited file through RTC, but the actual import didn’t go so smooth. Here is a brief overview … Continue reading

Aug 21

Quickly Search NAV Text Export

I’m back with another tool. This one allows you to input a NAV Text Export and quickly return all search results/objects to you. If you take a full text export, this will be a very large file. Opening it in … Continue reading