Magno’s NAV Service Manager

Magno's NAV Service Manager
Magno's NAV Service Manager
Magnos NAV Service
Version: 1.4
51.9 KiB

Update: I will no longer work on the service manager, because of a new manager that is included with NAV2013. Read more here.

Time is a bit of an issue for me at the moment. So I haven’t been able to update the application. I really do hope that I’ll be able to make fixes/updates. If you find any bugs, or have some nice changes, you can email those to [imgtxt type=text][email protected][/imgtxt]

Known Issues:
Application freezing on start/stop of the service
– Error on deleting Source files with the service
– Not working for NAV7

Todo / NTH list:
– NAV 7 support
– Start RTC from list
– Specify installation Path / User / startup mode
– Select RTC Localisations
– Setting SPN’s for middle tier

2012/02/01 – v1.4
– Open config file for selected service (Context Menu)
– Return code of install/delete of service shown
– When uninstalling the last NAV service of a certain folder, it will ask if you also want to delete the installfolder
– Shiny new icon 🙂

2012/01/31 – v1.3
– Right click on a line to be able to open the Explorer path of the selected Service
– Version list is now saved for reopening the “Install Service” Card

2012/01/31 – v1.2.1
– Service Instance was not filled up in config file, wrong reference
– Webservice did not have type= share, this made it start as middletier instead of webservice

2012/01/24 – v1.2
– Removed startup error when no services are installed

2012/01/23 – v1.1
– Removed internal messages
– Form layout cleanup

2012/01/22 – v1.0
– Initial version

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