Aug 02

Transfields Notice

Some time ago, I was creating some sort of Sales History. Every Order needed to be kept in History, if it was deleted, either manually or through invoicing rules. To make some thing easier, we changed all FlowFields to actual … Continue reading

Jul 15

HTML 2 Image

A while ago, I was working on reporting and was very happy with the new HTML options on the RDLC. But, as you might know, these are actually quite limitedโ€ฆ

Jul 10

NAV2013 Session List Changes

In this post just a few tips and tricks I did myself, which might just interest you ๐Ÿ™‚ In the old days we got a few debugger/session options from NAV. We could even move some parts of the debugger to … Continue reading

May 23

NAV2013 Reporting: Things to be careful about

Let me start by excusing myself for an absence of posting lately. It has been very busy recently in my private life. Becoming a father certainly makes you more prone to setting priorities ๐Ÿ™‚ Lately I have been making several … Continue reading

Feb 28

Bootcamp Notes: Reporting

Here I am again with the last post of my bootcamp notes. You will notice a lot of changes have taken place, going from design in the development client to new RDLC functionality.

Feb 27

Bootcamp Notes: SQL Optimization

I’m back again with one of my Bootcamp notes. This time a few points about optimizing for SQL Server. There have been a lot of changes on SQL Server. It is no longer using cursors through OLE DB to connect, … Continue reading

Feb 27

Add attachment stream on SMTP not always working

Last week I was developing a framework which needs the SMTP Mail in NAV2013. I noticed a new function on the variable (which is now a DotNet assembly) which allows you to add an attachment from a stream. Which is … Continue reading

Feb 22

Exporting in NAV2009: The object file cannot be used with this version of the program

Today, I tried to export a fob file from a 2009R2 but strangely I got the following error:

Feb 13

Bootcamp Notes: Debugging

Didn’t we all wait for an easy way to debug the RTC? In NAV 2013 this is finally possible. This post won’t be to big, as most of the things can be mentioned pretty quickly.