Feb 17

Cumulative Update 4: MESSAGE function does not work as expected

At iFacto, we try to keep our product as up to date as possible. Which means that when there are some problems in the Cumulative Updates, we run into them fairly early. As such, I have found a situation where … Continue reading

Feb 27

Add attachment stream on SMTP not always working

Last week I was developing a framework which needs the SMTP Mail in NAV2013. I noticed a new function on the variable (which is now a DotNet assembly) which allows you to add an attachment from a stream. Which is … Continue reading

Aug 13

Bypass view code in Classic Client

As this is a security bug in NAV, I would not suggest misusing this bypass… After having stated this, we all have seen situations where we cannot use access the code of an object. Mostly, this is because of your … Continue reading

Jun 08

Trial Balance By Period Bug

This week I had to make a change to report 38 (Trial Balance By Period). I had to add a column with the balance on the end of the displayed periods. This made me realize that there is a flaw … Continue reading