Feb 20

NAV2018 Gotcha’s

In our company we have set up our first dev databases with NAV2018. In this post, I’ll post some gotcha’s where we ran into or problems you might take a note of.

May 23

NAV2013 Reporting: Things to be careful about

Let me start by excusing myself for an absence of posting lately. It has been very busy recently in my private life. Becoming a father certainly makes you more prone to setting priorities 🙂 Lately I have been making several … Continue reading

Feb 28

Bootcamp Notes: Reporting

Here I am again with the last post of my bootcamp notes. You will notice a lot of changes have taken place, going from design in the development client to new RDLC functionality.

Aug 07

Force a page break inside an RDLC Table

Ever wanted to force an RDLC layout to print a page break dynamically when YOU require it? Well, it took me some time, but here is a solution/work around to get there.