Feb 23

Get Session Information for all NST’s – PowerShell Version

Continuing on my previous post Get Session Count over multiple NST’s I decided to make a little PowerShell function of it.

Feb 21

Get Session Count over multiple NST’s

Sometimes you need to see for different instances how many sessions are connected. You could achieve this with piping multiple PowerShell statements into each other, but not always.

Aug 26

Creating users with Powershell

We all had our fair share of database we were locked out of, because a user added himself and no other users to a database. In that case, we have 3 options to gain access to the database. One of … Continue reading

Jun 06

NAV2013 Object Admin

Giving SQL Server permissions was not always secure in the past… When a user needed to be able to upload objects, they actually needed the db owner role. Which isn’t actually something that you always want. Since NAV2013 it has … Continue reading

Feb 27

Bootcamp Notes: SQL Optimization

I’m back again with one of my Bootcamp notes. This time a few points about optimizing for SQL Server. There have been a lot of changes on SQL Server. It is no longer using cursors through OLE DB to connect, … Continue reading